RJ Talents Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned leading modelling agency in Mumbai helping struggling new faces who want to become models or to make a career in the glamour industry from Advertisement to Film & TV, Fashion, and Events. We create Celebrities and we train them to be successful in their career.

Talent is a term for exceptional skill, ability or knowledge. A talent is an area that an individual can master such that they can generate significant value. We as the Best Modelling Agency in Mumbai believe every individual has the potential to be a diamond glowing with beauty. We are all born special and have extraordinary ability to shine amidst adversities.

RJ Talents deems to welcomes new talents, new faces and nurture them in igniting their career paths as models with our impeccable guidance and skill development services. With a team of professionals, we mold future models in developing confidence, enhancing their communication skills and groom thereby ensuring all newbies gain excellence in their chosen path of modeling, whether walking the ramp, advertisements or photo model. Your Dream is Our Responsibility – Become a Model with Best Grooming.


ravi jain

Ravi Jain has the most enviable mix of a hard-nosed businessman who has a passion for glamour and an eye for Talent spotting. A Bachelor of Tech in computer engineering he moved far from the works of machines and straight onto red carpet worthy Talent spotting.
His interests led him to bootstrap his own start up in Model Talent and he did well in the space. His ambitions led him to expand into the world of Creative artist as well and RJ Talents – the hottest talent management agency on the block.
Ravi loves traveling and plans to see the world of Fashion Weeks in the process.