Our Story

RJ Talents Pvt Ltd. has firmly established itself as one of the most respected talent agencies in the entertainment industry. RJ Talents mirrors as a full-service agency providing fresh representation in every facet of the profession; from Advertisement to Film & TV, Fashion and Events to Hair & Make up. All our departments have an enviable roster of talents.

Entertainment insiders regard us as leaders in the industry when it comes to developing and nurturing new talents and we pride ourselves on the fact that year after year we are able to provide fresh faces to the industry. We guide and develop our models careers- and we give them the confidence to succeed whilst dealing with industrial demand. RJ Talents is committed to building strong, trusted long term relationships with our clients and our models. We are, and always have been a personable company that has earned an enviable reputation for providing genuine and timely advice and consultation to our clients.

At RJ Talents, the ethos is to truly believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered it requires vision, cultivation, dedication and the personalized attention we provide. We continue to strive hard on a daily basis to ensure that our talents and clients meet their professional goals- setting the bar high within the industry and a benchmark for other agencies to follow.